No choice but
to power down.

Read our message to our members below.

What we hoped to never say

An update from the Griddy family.

To our loyal Griddy members,

It was not a choice we made.

On February 16th we asked ERCOT for emergency help when our members needed it the most and they did not take action. This is after the PUCT mandated the maximum price for days – a decision they made to take the price out of the hands of the market in a 6-minute meeting.

Today, ERCOT took our members and have effectively shut down Griddy. On the same day when ERCOT announced that it had a $2.1 billion shortfall, it decided to take this action against only one company that represents a tiny fraction of the market and that shortfall.

We have always been transparent and customer-centric at every step. We wanted to continue the fight for our members to get relief and that hasn’t changed.

We will send you updates with more information as we get it. You will always be a Griddster.

A heartfelt thank you,  
The Griddy Family

What now?


What do I have to do?
You do not have to do anything. ERCOT has already automatically switched you over to a new REP designated as a POLR.

You will also receive notice from the POLR who will assume the responsibility of providing you service.  The POLR will assume service for you as of February 26, 2021. You can leave the POLR’s assigned service by choosing a competitive product or service offered by the POLR, or another competitiveREP.  If you would like to see offers from different REPs, please access, or call toll free 1-866-PWR-4-TEX (1-866-797-4839) for a list of providers in your area.  After you have transitioned to the POLR, you may accelerate a switch to another REP by requesting a special or out-of-cycle meter read.  

You can contact us with any questions at or 1-800-993-6207.

What happens to my account balance?
Winter Storm Uri resulted in uncertainty regarding the reliability of data received from meter reads and ERCOT concerning electricity actually used by customers.  As such, we have paused further billing until we have more certainty regarding this data.  We currently expect to issue final bills in less than 60 days indicating whether your account balance is positive or negative. When we determine a customer’s final account balance, if it is positive that amount will be refunded to you within 7 days.  

Will I lose power?
No. You will not lose power. This transition will be seamless. You should not have any interruptions to your electricity service. Ifyou experience any outage, contact your new REP.

Are we getting relief from high electricity costs?
We are hopeful that the state and federal governments will do the right thing and provide relief for all Texans.  We are committed to providing credit for any relief we receive back to our customers, on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

What happens if I signed up for a Deferred Payment Plan with Griddy?
At the time final bills are issued, we will work with customers regarding deferred payment plans.

What does this mean for the future of retail electricity choice in Texas?
Many companies have already reported or will report massive losses due to the extreme circumstances last week. While Texas used to be able to boast hundreds of providers and thousands of plans, that freedom of choice could drop to a handful of the traditional, big players. Texas was a trailblazer in deregulation, but it seems we might be going back to the giant monopolies dictating the rules.  

How can I speak up for Griddy and to be sure Texas allows wholesale electricity plans?
If you think this loss of choice and innovation is harmful to the future of energy, let your voice be heard. This doesn’t just affect Griddy and our members. It can have lasting impact for years to come. Email or call the PUCT or your local representatives and demand that they create a fair marketplace for innovation and choice.

PUCT info:
512-936-7120 or
Go here if you want even more people to contact:

Look up your representative:

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Here's to our amazing members

Here’s to the future. Here’s to you.

To our members:  A company couldn't ask for more amazing members. We set out to spark a community and get people excited about energy – and y’all didn’t disappoint. Even during this insanity, so many of you have supported and defended Griddy and our shared vision. Our model plays a critical part in the future of sustainable energy. It’s better for the consumer and better for the grid. But it seems we’ll have to wait a bit longer.  

Until then –
Here’s to building a technology and community that believes in energy empowerment and transparency.
Here’s to renewable energy that gives us better electricity and technology for the future.
Here’s to a distributed grid that results in a breakdown of archaic power structures.
Here’s to expanded demand response where your behavior has a huge impact.
Here’s to fun.
Here’s to delight.
Here’s to you.  

Some Griddy love – from our members

Here's what our members are saying

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Brad B.
5 star review

So when my last electricity contract ended, I decided to try something new and signed up with @GoGriddy instead. It's early days still, but my last full month with my old provider was around $250. So far this month, I'm #OnPace to rack up about $100. I'd call that a win.

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5 star review

I love your model of business, transparency and consistency. When shopping other providers, I got pretty frustrated at their rates, customer service, and contract stipulations. Keep it up, and thank you for changing the game.

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Jeremy F.
5 star review

I switched from Reliant Energy to Griddy back in April. It has been the best investment since that switch! I did pay a cancellation fee, but I made it up in 2 months due to Griddy's better rates for electricity. The app always keeps you in the know about the hourly rates & customer support has been great.

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