👋 We're Griddy!
We have this great 💡 to bring wholesale electricity to Texas

What is Griddy's mission?

We’re bringing honesty and transparency to a stale energy industry

Two friends, from opposite sides of the world and with more than 40 years of energy experience, were frustrated with how people were still buying electricity:

“They shouldn’t be tricked into buying an overpriced plan,” one said.

“They should know exactly how much they are paying,” the other chimed in.

“And give them a way to track everything in real time!"

So they built a team to change it.

What is Griddy here to do?

Change the way people think and interact with their energy

  1. Be transparent
    We give you access to wholesale electricity.
  2. Be honest
    All we charge is $9.99 a month for Griddy membership.
  3. Be innovative
    And give you the technology to control your usage.

Who is Griddy?

An amazing team that’s here to help

It’s been a boring industry so we are here to bring some much needed excitement. We will be creating fun content and videos where real education can happen. The more people know, the less likely they are to be deceived by providers.

We also aren't scared of a fight. We will call out any REP whose behavior we see as being deceitful, dishonest or misleading – and simply urge them to do the right thing and treat their customers better. But always with a smile 😀.

Who are we?

We are real people who want a fair deal
– just like you

What do we love about Griddy?

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What else do we love about Griddy?

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Is there anything else I should know?

A letter to electricity consumers

When we launched Griddy, it was about more than connecting members to the wholesale electricity market. It was about fairness, honesty and transparency. It was about treating our members, not like another number in a back book, but like an actual person.

It's one of the reasons we've made it clear exactly how much money we make - only $9.99 a month. This way we get to focus our time and energy on bringing more value to our members and thinking about what will make their lives better.

You have my word that everything Griddy does is with our members in mind. Thank you to the members who have trusted us and welcome to the ones just trying us out.

Greg Craig

Chief Executive Officer