An energy company bringing the industry into the 21st Century

An energy company that’s changing the game

It’s an exciting time to be alive. Almost every industry is getting a makeover. Remember taxis? Remember dial-up? Remember having a landline? All of that feels like it belongs in the dark ages. Now, every ride is an Uber, every house has high-speed internet, and every pocket is home to a practical supercomputer that puts the world at your fingertips.One thing that hasn’t changed is your electricity bill. Let’s play a little game. Go to the drawer where you keep all of your unwanted mail. Sort through the hard candy, the pens, and the paper clips, and take out your electric bill. Take a look at it. And ask yourself: Why are you paying what you’re paying? People have been paying for electricity the same way forever. You get your bill. You think, “Seems about right,” you pay it, and then you move on with your life.

Here’s the problem with that (and with your current energy company)

When you look at your electricity bill, does it look like it was written in another language? With everything from kilowatt hours to spikes in demand, it’s hard to know why you’re paying what you’re paying at any given time.In an age where so many industries are getting a makeover, don’t you think your electricity bill deserves one, too? We think it’s far overdue. That’s why we obsessively engineered a way to make your electricity bill simpler. Cheaper. Easier to understand. We found a way to make it work better. But before we get there, let’s take a step back and look at how the system works now.This is how your energy company currently determines what the price of electricity is:

Griddy App Charge Rates

The dotted line up there represents the flat rate your energy company has you paying for electricity. The jagged line under represents what the energy company actually pays for electricity. Notice how much higher the flat rate line is? Why is it so high? Why don’t you just pay the actual price for electricity when your bill comes instead of this inflated flat rate? Wouldn’t that end up saving you a lot of money?You bet. In fact, if you paid the actual price of electricity, you would save up to 47% on your bill every month.That was before Griddy. See, there wasn’t an energy company that would buy up power at the wholesale rate and then resell it to you at the same rate—the actual price of electricity.

How Griddy is changing the scene.

Griddy is doing exactly that. Instead of paying an inflated flat rate, which costs more no matter how much electricity you use, you get to pay the actual price of wholesale energy. We also allow you to see the price of electricity in real time, so you can decide whether it’s time to run the dishwasher or if waiting a bit is going to end up saving you some serious cash. These small choices can add up to the difference between a meager bill and a crushing one.Griddy is here to revolutionize the way you pay for electricity. We don’t necessarily have anything against the current energy companies, we just found a better way to do things. We found a way to increase transparency, decrease costs, and put the power directly in the hands of the consumer.

The days of your energy company benefiting off your bill are over with Griddy—you’re paying the actual cost of getting the electricity to your outlets, and not a cent more.You might be skeptical, which is totally fine. That’s the kind of skepticism we had when we were looking for a better way for people to pay for electricity. It’s understandable after not knowing what you’ve been paying for, bill after bill—for so long that you’re cynical about any solution.Here’s how we make it work: We make our customers into members. For only $9.99 per month, we give you access to wholesale energy rates, real-time pricing, daily usage tracking, high and low price alerts, and more—all from the ease of our mobile app. We designed it with members in mind—providing you with full transparency through a simple platform so that you can easily and comfortably control what you use and when you use it. Go Griddy

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