Get Direct-to-Consumer Electricity with Wholesale Technology

The way we buy electricity hasn’t changed in decades. Generators make the energy. Utilities make sure it gets to your home. And an energy provider sits above it all, charging you whatever fixed rate they want. To top it all off, even with the adoption of smart meters, most consumers can’t get access to their energy consumption data – or know it is even available. 

But with Griddy’s wholesale technology platform, it’s time to take the electricity industry out of the dark ages. 

We started by creating a platform that connects consumers directly to the wholesale energy market. While all the other providers buy electricity at the wholesale price and sell it to you at a markup, we provide real-time pricing data and insights. This way our members pay only what it costs on the grid at the moment. 

How we cut out costs

Our technology cuts out all the needless layers and add-ons that traditional providers rely on for their business to function - and for their fat bonuses. 

With our platform, we cut out entire groups of employees like traders (who buy and sell electricity on the futures markets), forecasters (who predict how much energy is needed to meet demand), risk management (who develops risk strategy for buying/selling a volatile commodity) and settlements (who reconciles the difference between the price they paid for vs they price they sold it). 

These are just some of the many layers we are able to cut to keep costs low for consumers. (And if this all sounds just a little bit redundant to get electricity to your home, we won’t convince you otherwise.)

Wholesale electricity tools

Griddy was built with the vision to revolutionize the way people use data and automation to purchase power and interact with the grid. We put years of work into our mobile platform, integrating with different systems to make real-time, wholesale prices and projected prices available to consumers.

The Griddy platform then can tap into home automation by connecting your smart home devices, like a smart thermostat, to that real-time, wholesale price. So when the price does spike, you can shut off or turn down your AC. Likewise, when the price goes low (or even negative), you can program other devices, like your electric car, to charge when electricity is basically free.

If you don’t yet have any smart home devices, we still provide tools to keep you in the know. We will send high and low price notifications to alert you when there are big fluctuations in the market so you can adjust your usage accordingly. 

By getting direct-to-consumer, wholesale energy, we’ve cut out costs to help reduce the amount you spend on energy. Our goal is to give our members all of the tools they need to make informed choices about how and when to use energy – saving you money and time.

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