How to Get Lower Electricity Rates

5 steps to lower electricity rates.

It’s never fun to open your electricity bill and see outrageous prices. You can’t choose to stop using electricity, but you can choose to change the way you get that electricity, and what you pay for it.

1. Take a good hard look at your current electric bill.

First things first. Take some time to really evaluate your current electricity prices. Review the terms and conditions, and understand what you’re actually paying for. If you see some questionable fees, or spots where you think you are overpaying, it’s time to check out your other options.The average person in Texas pays $153 for electricity each month. The reality is that Texans could be paying far less for electricity if they simply eliminated all of their hidden fees and stripped away price markups.

2. Shop around before you commit.

Carve out some time to sit down and do research comparing the different companies in your area. A few questions you should be asking are:

  • How’s their customer service? Make sure that they won’t charge you every time you call.
  • Do they respond to complaints quickly?
  • What are their cancellation fees?
  • Can I see how much electricity I use in real time?
  • What’s my total cost, including all fees?

3. Choose wisely when using Power to Choose.

“Power to Choose” is a very enticing statement. Especially in an industry where you usually have no choice at all. But the reality of the deregulated market is far different from the potential it started with. Residents of Texas are offered thousands of plans from dozens of different providers suppliers. Having all of these options means even more terms, fees, credits, and clauses to sort through.These factors, along with the lack of educational outreach, makes it extremely easy to choose the wrong plan. Which a lot of people have already done. In fact, 85% of Texans have switched electricity companies at least once. And it’s easy to see why when you note that more than 70% of Houston electric power plans on Power to Choose include terms that penalize customers who don't use a certain amount of electricity.The average customer in Texas uses 1200 kWh of energy per month. So, if the average customer reduced their electricity consumption to 800 kilowatt hours, and they had a plan with minimum usage clauses, the customer would end up paying more for consuming less.And that’s just not right. Take the time and ask the questions that are necessary to make sure you don’t get surprised with a high electricity rate on your next statement.

4. Choose a provider with no markups, no hidden fees, and no deception.

You can save a lot of money without shopping around, dealing with Power to Choose, or dissecting your current statement. No one has time for that. By simply switching to Griddy, you can start saving up to 47% on electricity.You’ll save just by getting access to real-time electricity prices. No more decoding your statements. Markups and hidden fees aren’t really our “thing.” Just pay $9.99 per month for your membership, and enjoy the power to access electricity just like the electric providers do—directly from the source, untouched by markups and hidden fees.

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