Griddy Lowdown: April

Griddy members had another great month in April. Griddy members paid only 8.3¢/kWh vs the EIA rate of 11.9¢/kWh, which is 43% higher!

There were 2 and a half hours of price spikes across the state in April.

Additionally, there was over 24 hours of negative pricing across the state, with Griddsters in North Texas having 31 hours and West Texas experiencing over 121 hours of prices below 0!

Griddy Updates:

  • We're still working from home and doing everything we can for our members during this time.
  • We have hired a couple more engineers
  • If you haven't referred anyone, do it! If they're a member for 30 days you get $50 and they get $50. Win! Win!
  • If you haven't signed up for a Griddster program where you can earn gift cards, contact us!

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