Griddy Lowdown: March

Griddy members had another strong month in March. Griddy members paid only 9.0 c/kWh vs the EIA rate of 11.9c/kWh, which is 33% higher! There were around 5 hours of price spikes across the state with West Texas having 14 hours of spikes due to higher volatility in that region.

Additionally, there was over 5 hours of negative pricing across the state, with Griddsters in west Texas experiencing over 46 hours of prices below 0!

Last month 86.5% of our members saved! Of the 13.5% who didn’t save, their average usage was 430 kWh. But, those that did save saved an average of $34 in March.

Griddy Updates:

We know this time is unprecedented and we just want to remind you that your are our family. We are here for you and are constantly sending you all positive vibes we can. As for Griddy as a company, we are working hard to provide you with the best  service we can during this time.

For those of you on unemployment during this time, you may want to check out the COVID-19 Electricity Relief Program.

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COVID-19 Electricity Relief Program

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