Griddy seeks relief from ERCOT for customers exposed to non-market pricing

On Monday evening, the PUCT implemented a non-market pricing mechanism for electricity mandating prices reaching as high as hundreds of times normal prices. Griddy’s customers, which pay pass-through wholesale electricity prices, were immediately negatively impacted by the non-market pricing and have incurred bills that they will need more time to pay.  

On Tuesday, Griddy began engaging with ERCOT and the PUCT seeking customer relief. Griddy is continuing these efforts and is committed to crediting customers for any relief received, dollar-for-dollar.    

As soon as the PUCT reversed its Monday non-market pricing mechanism today, many prior Griddy customers who had left to avoid the non-market prices quickly requested to re-enroll and return to our platform. At the time this press release is being issued, wholesale prices in ERCOT have become negative and our customers are currently being paid to be on our platform.  

Griddy is working to win relief for its customers and continue offering innovative products and services in the retail energy market in Texas.  

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