Griddy's Guide to Super Bowl LIV

Super Bowl LIV is right around the corner. In this killer match up, the Kansas City Chiefs will be taking on the San Francisco 49ers. For some of you die-hard fans, this is the greatest day of the year. However, for those hosting a party, it can be a very stressful and expensive event. You have to prepare the food, get your sound system set up, make sure you purchase the right bean dip, and a hundred other things. We know this can be hard, so we thought we’d help out by giving you a few tips on energy consumption associated with the big game and how to save some money! 

Let’s take a look at some of the energy costs and how you can be as energy efficient as possible.

Pre-game necessities

Phone charger

-       Let’s face it, when game time comes around, you’re going to want to share the game’s craziness on social media.

-       Tip: Phone batteries experience the most strain when they are fully charged or completely empty. You ideally want your battery to be between the 20 and 80 percent range.


-       You’ve got to make sure your signature dish is cooked to perfection.

-       Tip: Try heating your oven and then turning it off early. You can use the residual heat left in the oven to finish the job.

-       Bonus tip: Check out our Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, Kim’s, favorite delicious baked garlic knot recipe for inspiration here!

Instant pot/Crockpot

-       Nachos, meatballs, whatever else you want to put in the crockpot.

-       Tip: These are more efficient than most electrical cooking appliances, but if you want to save more money, try using higher temperatures and shorter cooking times.

-       Bonus tip: Try out this Buffalo Chicken Dip that our Senior Director of Marketing Communications, Morgan, loves!


-       You’re going to be constantly opening and closing the fridge as you prepare for your guests.

-       Tip: Try and minimize the amount of times you open and close the fridge. After the game, let your leftovers cool off completely so that the fridge has less work to do.

-       Bonus tip: You can store all three of these yummy guacamole recipes in your fridge! Recommended by John, our Growth Engineer.


Game time


-       The most integral component to the party – without it you’re toast.

-       Tip: Try turning the backlight brightness to normal or low to use less energy.

Speakers/surround sound

-       Sometimes the TV speakers just don’t cut it.

-       Tip: There aren’t too many ways to get around this, but if you aren’t a big J Lo or Shakira fan, then you could switch to the TV speakers during the halftime show.


-       This game looks like it will be a good one so things have the potential to get hot and heavy.

-       Tip: Pre-cool/heat your home when the cost of energy is low.




-       It’s likely you’ll have crushed tortilla chips everywhere, that’s got to get cleaned up.

-       Tip: have your guests leave their shoes at the door to minimize the work your vacuum has to do.

Washing machine

-       Your favorite jersey may be stained with tears, pizza sauce, or beer.

-       Tip: Pre-soak your stains and run the washing machine after the game when the price on the grid is low.


-       Those dishes aren’t going to clean themselves, unfortunately.

-       Tip: Make sure your dishwasher load is full before you start it.


-       You probably made way too much food. And after hosting a party and cleaning up the mess, you are pretty beat. Heat up some leftovers, sit on the couch and think about how killer your party was.

-       Tip: Unplug your microwave when it’s not in use.


Remember, if you aren’t hosting the party, or if you were fortunate enough to go to the game yourself, be sure to power down unnecessary appliances. We hope you have a safe, fun Super Bowl Sunday. 

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