How to conserve energy in Houston with Griddy

The truth about your energy provider

Energy companies are constantly talking about conserving energy, but the truth is that they don’t actually want you to. It’s simple: Your energy provider buys energy at a wholesale rate, marks it up, and then sells it to you at an inflated rate for a profit. So, the more you use the more they profit. The Griddy platform is changing that for good and putting the power back in your hands.

Introducing the Griddy model

Griddy doesn’t make money on the energy you use. Griddy members pay only $9.99 per month to get access to the wholesale, real-time price of energy, with no markups or hidden fees. So when you go Griddy, you can use as little or as much energy as you want, and it doesn’t affect our profits whatsoever. The only profit we make is on the low monthly cost of membership.

Griddy isn’t anything like deceptive and greedy corporate energy companies. That’s why we provide our members with 100% transparency. In addition to the benefits of real-time, wholesale electricity, we also provide you with smart tools to help you save. Through our mobile app, we tell you when it’s a good time to consume, when it’s a bad time to consume, and exactly how much you’ve spent when you do consume energy. When you go Griddy, you get to save as much energy and money as you choose.

How you can conserve energy with Griddy

The Griddy platform is designed to support our commitment to energy conservation. Griddy Alerts are a unique part of the Griddy platform. We notify you whenever energy prices surge, and also when they drop. (Sometimes, the price of energy gets so low that it becomes free.) Now, you can choose when to reduce your energy usage or when to take advantage of near-zero prices, ultimately increasing your savings.In fact, with our future forecast of energy prices, Griddy insights can even help you plan your extreme energy-sapping activities—like charging your electric car—for times when energy prices are low or free. And not only is this great for your wallet, it also helps the environment.

Low prices = renewable energy

When we let you know that prices are low, we’re letting you know that clean energy is working to power the grid. The general rule is this: When energy prices are high, it means dirty power plants are working hard to keep up with the high demand. And when prices are low, clean energy sources like wind and solar power are fueling your energy use. This gives you complete control over how much and how often you conserve energy. We’ll give you all the tools you need to save, and then we hand over the decision-making power to you. We believe that you should know what type of energy you’re using at all times, so every decision you make is an informed one. Now’s the time to be a part of a revolution that doesn’t just save you tons of money, but also takes big steps toward saving the planet. Go Griddy. It’s On. Go Griddy

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