How to Set Up Griddy on IFTTT

*Nest has discontinued support for IFTTT. If you had set up Nest via IFTTT before August 31, 2019, your applets will keep working. 

To get started, you will need to have an IFTTT account (you can sign up for free here), and have at least one smart device. To take advantage of the savings, you will need to be a Griddy member. But, if for some reason you are not into saving boatloads of money, you don’t technically have to join Griddy, weirdo. You can then choose between one of our pre-built applets or customized triggers to connect to your device. There are a couple of things to note for both:

  • It’s one action per applet. So if you set up a trigger to turn off your thermostat when prices go above 30¢/kWh, you will also need to set up another trigger to turn your thermostat back on when prices drop.
  • It's one applet, per device. If you have multiple smart thermostats, you will need to create an applet for each one.
  • You will need to know your loadzone which you can find on the account page in the app.

Pre-Built Applets

We created 12 pre-built, out-of-the box applets to work with the most frequently used devices and adhere to Griddy’s best practices for optimal savings. These can be found here. After turning on an applet, you will then need to connect to your device by logging into that account. But IFTTT makes it very easy and helps you with every step along the way.

Griddy Recommendation: We've found you can get the most savings if you program your devices to power down when prices go above 10¢/kWh.

Customized Applets

For those that would like more customization, we also made two triggers so you can create your own applets:

  • Tigger based on when the price of electricity changes
  • Trigger when the price normalizes

Here are instructions on how to set up an applet for when the price of electricity changes. First, go to My Applets, click on New Applet and then click “+this”. Then, search or find Griddy under your services and select the icon.Then choose the trigger “The price of electricity changes”. From here, you will need to set up your trigger fields.

First, choose your loadzone (which can be found on the account page in your app). Then, choose if you want the action based on if prices go above or below and what you want your desired price threshold to be.Now that you have created your trigger, click on the “+that” and search for the service you want to automate – ecobee, Honeywell etc. You will then be prompted to login and connect to your device.

Griddy Recommendation: To have your device resume normal activity when price spikes are over, use the trigger "Price of electricity returns to normal" to counter that initial trigger. And that’s it. All of the power is in your control. So automate away, you super Griddster, and watch those savings multiply.

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