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We know these high prices and record freezing temperatures can be alarming, which is why we want to share with you certain market updates to help you decide what is best for you and your family. We expect daily electricity charges to be significantly higher through Tuesday. These are projections and the market could either improve or worsen depending on weather conditions.

Our commitment has always been to have your back – which is why we have never marked up the price of electricity; we simply pass through the prices from the grid. If you want to ride out the winter storm with us (we know many of you are bundled up and doing so!), we are here to support you with market updates, price alerts, tips to reduce your energy usage and our excellent customer service. This has been the coldest storm in more than 30 years in Texas and brought unprecedented weather across the country, but we still stand by the fact that wholesale is the best bet in the long run.  

If the forecast and prices are too extreme for you right now, we understand if you want to switch providers. While we value you as a member, we want what is best for your wallet and family even more.

To Switch:

  • You do not need to contact us. Enroll with a new provider and they will switch you over.
  • Switch today with a new provider. TDUs do not process switches over the weekend. Otherwise, you will be able to switch on Monday.
  • Remember, we do not have early termination fees.
  • Find a short-term plan. These pricing events are extremely rare. So once this storm has passed, we will be here waiting for you.

We will have Price Protection starting next month, which will remove the risk from any more price events. We are always here to be your trusted provider. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

Recommended Plan

Each provider processes switch requests differently. It is best to call them first to make sure when they can switch you over. A lot of providers are not accepting switches until later in the week, but we did hear about a couple that are taking same-day switches for today or tomorrow.

You can search for other providers on Power To Choose.

Below is a list of recommended plans:

Cirro Energy

Term: 1 to 24 month plans

Click here to switch:


Term: 12 or 14 month plans

Click here to switch:

Summer Energy

Term: 3 to 6 month plans

Click here to switch:

Southwest Energy

Term: 12 to 36 month plans

Click here to switch:

Ambit Energy

Term: 12 to 36 month plans

Click here to switch:

Green Mountain Energy

Term: 6 to 24 month plans

Click here to switch:

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