IFTTT Integration Update

We announced our IFTTT home automation integration in January 2019. Since announcing our partnership with IFTTT, they’ve made a few updates that will affect our members who value and use their customizable price alerts to get SMS messages when the price goes above or below a desired threshold. 

On September 10, 2020, IFTTT launched its new IFTTT Pro offering for personal users. Beginning October 7th, IFTTT users on the Standard (free) plan will be limited to a maximum of 3 custom applets.

For Griddsters who currently make use of the applets that are published by Griddy, there are no changes – these will continue to work and you can use as many as you like. For Griddsters who have created custom applets on their own using the Griddy services or who have created custom applets using services provided by other third parties, there will now be a limit of 3 total custom applets on a standard account – some will find this limiting.

The good news is that Griddsters who currently have more than 3 custom applets, can upgrade to Pro between now and October 7th and name their own monthly upgrade price (minimum of $1.99 per month) for life!

Additional details regarding the different subscription levels available to IFTTT users can be found here: https://ifttt.com/plans. Click the “Get Started” link under IFTTT Pro to upgrade and name your monthly price.

Free alternatives to IFTTT with Home Assistant

With that being said, we understand that if you’re a Griddster who loves their 3+ customizable applets, paying another subscription fee isn’t ideal. Another option for home automation with Griddy is Home Assistant – a FREE, open-source home automation platform that runs on Linux.  Targeted at more tech-savvy users, Home Assistant is a free alternative to paid home automation platforms such as Wink or Samsung SmartThings.  The Griddy price feed is one of nearly 1,700 native Home Assistant integrations, so you can potentially control almost 1,700 different devices based on the current Griddy price. Imagine being able to automatically stop charging your Tesla when the Griddy price spikes -- there are integrations for that! 

One of our members currently uses Home Assistant to automatically curtail their home electricity consumption during periods of high pricing. When the Griddy price goes above 7.5¢, Home Assistant raises the target temperature on his Ecobee thermostats by 2 degrees.  When the price goes above 10¢, the target temperature increases by another 2 degrees.  Once prices hit 13¢ or above, the a/c units shut completely off along with every light and electronic device in his house. With each increase in target temperature, his Amazon Echo dots announce the change and the current Griddy price. As prices drop, the reverse happens until his home returns to normal operation.

Between August 13 and 16, this member saved over $40 just by automatically cutting usage in response to high prices! 

For more information on the Home Assistant platform: https://www.home-assistant.io/

For information on how to set up the Griddy Home Assistant Integration: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/griddy/

For details on the Ecobee Integration with Home Assistant: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/ecobee/

For other thermostat options besides Ecobee: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/#climate. You could even go with any thermostat that supports the Zwave or Zigbee protocols, as long as you have a dongle to handle Zwave or Zigbee (they are pretty cheap)!

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