It's Griddy Gratitude week, y'all!

We wouldn’t be anywhere without our loyal members. And since August, we have been toiling away improving the things that need fixing, creating new tools to help with savings and devising even better ways to reward our members – it’s Griddy Gratitude Week, ya’ll!

Each day this week we will be announcing a new improvement to the Griddy experience as well as rewarding four Griddy members (chosen at random) with a $50 credit just because we like you all so much. Ready, set...let's Griddy!

11/11: New price alert logic

We’ve heard from our members that you want more accuracy and urgency for high prices, so our team has been hard at work to give you just that.

You still won’t get alerted every time the price jumps, but when prices do go extremely high, you will be alerted a lot more often. Here's the breakdown of the price threshold and the timeframe we will send them:

  • 30¢/kWh (every 4 hours)
  • $1/kWh (every 1 hour)
  • $3/kWh (every 30 minutes)

And of course, you’ll be notified when prices go negative so you can still take advantage of free electricity.

11/12: Introducing Griddy Guard

The beauty of Griddy is that we are a company created by consumers, for the consumer. So when August happened, we knew we had to make some changes to protect our members from extended peak pricing.

We are proud to announce the launch of Griddy Guard. Griddy Guard is a set of four principles that we believe in and that we are constantly working towards. They are pillars put in place to help you stay informed, stay prepared and ultimately save money on electricity. Read all about it here!

11/13: Become a Griddster, get rewarded

We love our members for joining us on the wholesale energy revolution. To show our appreciation, we'd like to invite you to join our fun and lively community of Griddy members – Griddsters.

You've already been referring your friends and sharing your stories, now you can get rewarded for it. Sign up here.

11/14: Griddy's Solar Program

We are excited to launch Griddy’s Solar Program. You’ve heard of net metering, but we are introducing something even better.
For all you sun gods who have solar panels or are thinking about buying solar panels, you will now be able to get credits for your excess generation. Prices are cheapest when they are greenest (i.e., more renewable generation on the grid), and now they are getting even cheaper. Read more here.

11/15: Give $50, Get $50

We love when you tell your friends and family about Griddy. We love it so much that we upped the amount you get for referring friends and family. Now you and your friends will both get a $50 credit once they become a member!

You can find your personalized referral link on the Account screen in the Griddy app. Once you have that, share away!

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