It's National BBQ Day! Here are the top 5 BBQ places in Houston!

Guess what day it is?! It’s National BBQ Day! And what better place to celebrate this day than in Texas!

Our friends at Visit Houston came up with a list of the Top 19BBQ spots in Houston. Here is their top 5!

1). Burns BBQ

Recommendation: 3 meat dinner

2). Byron’s Gourmet BBQ      

Recommendation: Brisket and Ribs

3). Corkscrew

Recommendation: “Dino” ribs and brisket

4). Demeris Bar B Q

Recommendation:  Jalepeno sausage and Baby Back Ribs

5). Fainmous

Recommendation: Tender brisket and pulled pork

For the rest of the list, visit:

Enjoy your BBQ!

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