Join Us At The Houston Maker Faire For A Weekend Of Innovation

Come on down to the Faire this weekend.

The Houston Maker Faire is a gathering of curious people from fascinating backgrounds who have an interest in innovation, technology, and new ideas of all kinds. So naturally we will be there too. And we’ll be mingling with engineers, artists, crafters, scientists and more who are all expected to attend as well.The Maker Faire showcases a wide variety of “makers” that bring their projects, experiments, and hobbies along with them. This family-friendly event is sure to inspire creativity, resourcefulness, and innovation. Get a glimpse of the future and learn all about Griddy from our team of movers, shakers, and innovators.The Houston Maker Faire is this Saturday and Sunday October 21st and 22nd from 10-6pm at the George R Brown Convention Center, Hall C.

The Maker Faire—a brief history.

The Maker Faire is part county fair, part science fair, and part unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s for all ages of tech enthusiasts, science clubs, artists, authors, hobbyists and more. There truly is something for everyone of any age. The Faire launched in the Bay Area in 2006 and 200,000 people attended the flagship fairs. The forward-looking faire showcases makers who are exploring new technologies and other fascinating discoveries. It’s a wonderful event for anyone who is curious. About anything.

Stop by and say “hi” to us.

We happen to fit right in at the Makers Faire because we definitely fall in the “makers” category when it comes to the energy industry. Specifically by disrupting the crowded and confusing energy space and simplifying the process. It’s just a fact that we all use energy in our homes. And we all pay the same rates when we work with regular energy providers, but we shouldn’t have to. Energy fluctuates in price just like anything else and working with Griddy allows you to take advantage of that fluctuation by paying real-time rates. Real-time rates will always save you the most money over time, and you can find out even more details when you come visit us at the Faire.

Getting creative.

When it comes to the energy industry in Texas, we definitely pride ourselves as being leaders in innovation and creativity. Our members get the real-time rate of electricity and a simple (and low) monthly membership. That’s it. The smart tools that we have created also help them conveniently keep an eye on rates and usage. We’ve taken out the need to make any drastic lifestyle changes in order to change the way your energy bills look with our membership.

Innovating the billing process, too.

The only reason you might have questions about our billing process is to make sure it’s not too good to be true. Some companies have entire pages on their websites explaining how their customers have to read their bill to understand what they’re spending. Not with us. It’s very clear and simple—and readily available all the time. So, when you visit the Houston Maker Faire, ask us all the questions you can think of about billing. The simple answers you get back from us will be a refreshing change after looking at those confusing bills from other providers.

Mark your calendars

The Houston Makers Faire is a perfect fit for us, and we are all so excited to meet more members of the Houston community, along with other innovators from different industries. Everyone here is definitely looking forward to a fun weekend of learning new things and meeting new people.

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