Manage Your Automatic Payments

Say goodbye to bills, say hello to recharges. Griddy only offers pay-as-you-go billing. Not only do you get the ease of automatic payments, but you’ll also get to track how much you spent each day and the next time your account will be recharged.

How Recharges Work

  1. Prepay $49 into your account upon signup. Done!
  2. Your account will be debited daily based on the electricity you use.
  3. When your account balance reaches $25, you will automatically be recharged.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3.

Change Your Recharge Amount

To avoid multiple charges in a month, we suggest changing the recharge amount to better reflect your monthly use. Simply go to settings in your account and enter in the amount you wish to be charged.

Add Funds at Any Time

You don’t have to wait for recharges to occur. Instead, you can add funds to your account balance at any time. Go to Add Funds under account settings and add any amount for a one-time payment.

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