Power to Choose? More like Power to Confuse

More choice means more power to the consumer. Right?

That’s the idea, anyways. And it’s why the Texas government deregulated electricity 15 years ago. Then, after deregulation drove prices up and created a very messy market, Texas officials tried once again to bring power back to the consumers through the website Powertochoose.com. Power to Choose was designed to help Texas residents take advantage of the deregulated energy market and choose an electricity plan that works for them.Unfortunately, when you start with 2,000 electricity plans—each with its own unique ways to trick consumers—you’ve almost guaranteed confusion and frustration.

How Power to Choose got so confusing.

With retail energy providers (REPs) offering up to 2,000 options for consumers, it’s no surprise that the Power to Choose website doesn’t accomplish what it set out to do. The biggest problem is that there’s too much room for REPs to game the system. While the site might be able to show you the lowest-priced plans, it doesn’t reveal the fact that there are strings attached to every low price. Sometimes that means that you’ll be charged for fees you’ve never heard of. Sometimes it means that you only get the advertised rate if you use exactly 1,000 kwh (using less could cost a hefty fee, and using more could cost exponentially more per kwh). There are all sorts of tricks like this that REPs use to get you to sign a contract that you have to pay to get out of, so by the time you figure out their real rates, you’re essentially stuck.While it’s true that you could pore over every support document attached to each plan and learn about all of these fine-print details, doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose of Power to Choose? The site is supposed to give you a quick overview for an easy shopping experience, so if you have to spend days creating your own spreadsheets to figure out what your electricity will actually cost, why go to the site at all?It might have started with the intention to provide all consumers with the power to choose, but it simply ended up having a whole lot of power to confuse.

How to navigate Power to Choose? Don’t.

Despite the government’s best intentions, you’re going to have to look outside of Power to Choose to find the best deal on electricity. And since there wasn’t any alternative to Power to Choose or designing your own extensive spreadsheet comparison system, we decided to create our own solution. By making things much simpler. By making things completely transparent. And by allowing you to pay exactly what electricity costs—the price your electric provider pays.Griddy’s “Plan Details” are simple: You pay 10 bucks a month for a membership that gets you access to real-time electricity prices. And there’s no lower price than the real-time price of electricity. You know what that ends up saving our members? A whole lot. For one, they’re cutting their electricity costs in half. On top of that, they’re saving their sanity. When you don’t have to hunt through a confusing web of misleading price advertisements—when you can see the actual rate of electricity at all times, and know that’s what you’re paying—you don’t even have to think about electricity. You can rest easy, knowing that you’re always getting the most transparent, fairest deal.Oh—and you’ll never, ever, find hidden fees with Griddy. Because there are none. Everything we charge, we tell you upfront. You’ll never experience bill shock again.You don’t need a confusing site to tell you what the best deal is. There’s only one provider giving you full transparency. There’s only one provider connecting you directly to real-time prices. You can stop hunting for the best rates, and start getting the real rates. Go Griddy. It’s on.

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