Put Wholesale to the Test

If you ever wondered about Griddy but aren’t quite ready to make the switch, then wonder no more. We are now offering a free version of our app so you can experience what it’s like being a Griddy member before making us your official electric provider. So put your feet up, relax and...Be our guest Be our guest Put wholesale to the test Enter your zip into our app, cherie And we’ll provide the rest 5-minute prices Savings so nices Why, it really is the best!

Ok, so we might have gotten a little carried away with this guest thing. But that’s because we are so excited to provide a way for everyone to try out Griddy for free. Becoming a guest lets you see the price of electricity in your area. We also created user profiles based on house type and weather zones so you can get an estimate of your monthly bill and see how much you would save against the Texas Average. So...Choose your house type, see your usage Find patterns so conclusive Then you’ll see our savings are never second best Go on, download the app, Take a glance and then you'll Be our guest oui, our guest Be our guest

Ok. Ok. Riddles aside, whether you are stuck in a contract, just plain skeptical of the wholesale market, or unsure if you want to become a full-fledge (fantastic) member, sign up to...Be our guest, be our guest! Wholesale is our quest It’s been years, no one’s done this And we’re obsessed With your savings, with your rate Yes, indeed, we’ll say it straight While other REPs are swindling We’re here to help you, keep you beaming We have no contracts or silly fees You’ll shout, “Yippee!” Then we'll sign you up when you are ready You’ll be so amazed But for now, still captivated Be our guest Be our guest Be our guest Please, be our guest.


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