Vote for your favorite billboard and tell Reliant to shove it

Loyalty is a good thing, right? Well, not if you are one of Reliant’s customers. You’ve been with them for 15 years and always paid your bill on time. You would think you would get a great rate by virtue of staying with them for years and years, right? Wrong. They roll you onto plans that are more favorable for Reliant, where they can make a higher margin. Their new customers get great low teaser rates while their best and most loyal customers get stuck with higher rates and worse plans.

If that sounds like it's unfair, that's because it is. Companies like Reliant spend so much time and money to get you to sign up with them, but then as soon as you become their customer they are figuring out how they can insert new fees or roll you onto more expensive plans in order to make more money off you.

We're saying enough is enough! Reliant, please stop your bad behavior, and treat Texans fairly! We want Texans to be treated right, so we are launching a campaign to get Reliant’s attention and try to shame them into changing their behaviors – and get them to stop taking advantage of their customers' loyalty. Every like we get on our Facebook post will equal $1 that goes to putting up one of these billboards IN REAL LIFE. Once we hit our goal of 5,000 likes, we will get this billboard made, and put up nearby Reliant's corporate offices.

Vote for your favorite billboard below!

#1. WTF Reliant
#2. Stop exploiting customer loyalty
#3. It's over, Reliant
#4. Everyone values loyalty.* (Except for Reliant.)

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