How to Save Electricity This Summer in Houston

The three levels of saving electricity in Houston.

If you live in Houston, you’ve likely tried everything there is to save electricity during the hottest months of the year. In fact, you’re probably better than anyone else you know at coming up with electricity-saving hacks. But if you’re new to Houston, or if you’re new to paying an electric bill, then you’ll need a quick guide on how to save electricity this summer. To make things simple, we’ve divided the guide up by levels: First, we bring you the more commonly known (but still too important not to mention) ways to save. Second, we bring you some hacks that only those who have lived through extreme summers are familiar with. And third, we bring you a new way to save even more.

1. The classic responsible consumer tricks.

Every responsible electricity consumer is likely aware of the main ways to save, but here’s a recap that can serve as a checklist. If you haven’t taken care of these yet, they should run straight to the top of your pre-July to-do list.

  • Replace any old or inefficient appliances with new, energy-efficient ones.
  • Replace those old light bulbs with compact fluorescent (CFL) and light emitting diode (LEDs) bulbs.
  • Take advantage of the summer heat! Hang dry your clothes outside—the dryer uses a lot of electricity, and hey, they’ll probably dry faster outside anyways.
  • The A/C. This is going to be your biggest money drain this summer. That’s why most of the electricity hacks listed below have to do with reducing your dependence on your home’s cooling machine. But the classic version of reducing A/C use: Keep the blinds closed during the day and set your thermostat as high as you comfortably can manage.

2. The Houston electricity hacks.

Once you’re good on the classics, learn what it means to live through a Houston summer with some good old fashioned electricity-saving hacks.

  • Ban the oven. Really. You can get by without it, and you should avoid the stove too, if you can. They both create a lot of heat. Microwaves and toaster ovens, on the other hand, are great. Pressure cookers are an even better choice, and the backyard grill should become your best friend this summer.
  • The oven isn’t the only heat-producing culprit. Running a computer generates a ton of heat. The general rule for all appliances and electronics should be this: If you’re not using it, turn it off. Even better, unplug it.
  • Get really innovative with fans. As many as you can handle. Box fans, pedestal fans, ceiling fans, even your A/C’s fan. Depending on how your home or apartment is situated, you’ll be able to come up with your own system for circulating the air in a way that allows you to use less A/C. In fact, simply using a ceiling fan while the A/C is on will allow you to raise your thermostat by about 4 degrees without it feeling any warmer.
  • Do your electricity-sapping tasks at night. Or better yet, use the Griddy app to find out when electricity rates are the lowest, and do your tasks then.
  • Conduct an energy audit to find out where you could make longer term cost-saving improvements to your home.
  • Speaking of long term, how’s your yard? If you don’t have any shade-producing trees, consider planting some. No need to list all the great reasons for this.

3. Going Griddy.

A quick confession: You can save a ton of money without doing any of those great electricity-saving things.Why didn’t we start with this? Because we actually believe that saving electricity is important, and something worthwhile for all of us to work toward.But even if you decided not to spend any of your time or energy trying to save, there’s one thing you could do to start saving money on electricity right now.You could go Griddy, and begin saving up to 47% on electricity.With Griddy, you get direct access to the real-time price of electricity. No markups and no hidden fees. You simply pay $9.99 per month for the Griddy membership, which gives you the power to access electricity rates as if you were an electric provider. You don’t pay a cent more than what they pay for electricity.You don’t have to worry about price spikes, and you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying through the simple Griddy app.Regardless of whether you’re a thrifty and ingenious electricity saver or you simply want to lower your bill regardless of the method, going Griddy is the only way to get real-time prices, and getting real-time prices is the only way to get the best deal.Go Griddy. It’s on.

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