Smart home products that simplify your life

Smart home tech should simplify your life, not fill it with more things.

The purpose of smart home technology is convenience and simplicity. If you add a smart tech tool to your home and it’s not making your life easier, then it’s probably actually making your life worse. It’s probably cluttering instead of simplifying. And we don’t like clutter. At Griddy, we prefer simplicity in everything. And since Griddy is the perfect companion to the smart home, we compiled a list of the best smart home products to simplify your life.As you go about finding the right solutions for your house, keep your phone’s operating system in mind. You’ll want to make your brand-specific choices based on your phone, since that’s where you’ll be controlling and integrating your smart home tools.

1. A smart home hub.

Smart home speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo have become more and more prevalent over the past year. But why do they get to be number one on the simplicity list? Because they can essentially control your entire house. They’re the smart home hub for all of your other smart home products. So if you’re looking to simplify all of the tech that makes your life easier, it helps to have a whole-home virtual personal assistant to do the heavy lifting for you.

2. Smart home security and safety systems.

There are a lot of smart home products designed to give your home extra protection. But simplicity? Here’s our thinking: The more secure your home is, the less you have to worry about your family’s safety. And the less you’re worrying—checking and re-checking locks, wondering whether it’s a carbon monoxide alert or old batteries waking you up in the middle of the night—the calmer and simpler your life will be. A few solid safety products include both indoor and outdoor smart home cameras, a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector, and retrofit smart locks.

3. Smart light bulbs.

This might be more convenience than simplicity, we’ll admit, but who wouldn’t want the ability to turn the lights on or off from absolutely anywhere? We’re especially partial because white-light smart LEDs can save you money and electricity (things we love helping you save), but that’s just an added benefit. Smart lights allow you to dim, change, and switch off the lights, whether you’re in the next room or across the country.

4. A smart thermostat.

As we’ve mentioned, we’re partial to the electricity-saving products, and since we all use a lot of A/C in Texas, a remotely programmable thermostat is a big way to save. But even beyond saving electricity, a smart thermostat is another way to simplify—total control means less worrying, and less worrying means a calmer, simpler lifestyle.Another (more biased) reason we like smart thermostats is because of how well they work with Griddy. Griddy members save money just by getting real-time electricity prices, but the Griddy members who choose to can save even more money by syncing their electricity usage habits to times of low electricity prices. Here’s a real scenario to demonstrate how it works: You get a Griddy Alert telling you that prices are in the negative (below $0.00/kWh). You then jump directly into your smart home apps and turn down the A/C, turn up the lights, and start up the dishwasher—getting paid for every bit of electricity you use.Smart home products are designed to make your life easier. So is Griddy.Choose simplicity. Make your smart home smarter.

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