Smart home technology with Griddy

Make your smart home smarter with Griddy

Smart home technology has made it possible for you to take control of virtually everything in your home. Smartphones double as personal assistants. Smart TV’s stream anything we want. We can even control our lights, order an Uber, find out the weather, and have pretty much anything we want delivered right to our doorstep with a simple voice command.

You can casually adjust the temperature of your smart home from miles away on your smartphone. But until now, you’ve never been able to control the most important thing: the energy powering your smart home.

Introducing smart homes powered by Griddy

The challenge with devices like smart thermostats and control plugs is that they can be very expensive for consumers to deploy throughout their home with no real financial return. Griddy puts the return on investment into the connected home device market. What if you could make even better use and get clear financial returns from your smart home technology? What if you could be miles away from your home and find out that there is a price surge in electricity, and then actually do something about it? What if you could chill down your house in the summer when rates were the lowest and simply cycle the air during the peaks? With Griddy, you can.

Currently, consumers have no idea when electricity prices are high or low. Most consumers don’t even know that the price of energy often drops so dramatically that there are times when you could be charging up your electric car for $0 per kWh. That’s right—sometimes, the price of energy is so low that it’s free.

Would you go to the store and wait until you are at the register to find out how much your groceries cost? Of course not—that’s crazy. And that’s how we think the old model of using energy is: crazy. Griddy is changing that.

We believe there’s only one right way for consumers to pay for energy: You should pay what it costs. A Griddy membership makes this possible. When you go Griddy, you get access to the real-time, wholesale price of energy, giving you complete control over your energy usage and savings. Plus, you have the smart tools to see exactly how much your energy costs and the freedom to choose just how much you want to save at any time.

When you’re out running errands in the dog days of summer and know that energy prices have plunged, you should be able to take advantage of that knowledge, turn on your air conditioning, and make sure your home is at the perfect temperature before you even get there. Griddy makes that possible.

Griddy and smart home technology

Griddy is informing smart home behaviors and giving you total control over your energy usage and savings. Making decisions about how and when to use your most energy-sapping devices is now easier and simpler than ever.

Even before you start adjusting your behaviors to save based on real-time pricing transparency, you start saving just by going Griddy. With a low-cost membership and access to wholesale prices, you can save up to 47% over other energy plans. And who doesn’t want to cut their cost of energy in half?

Huge savings. Total control. 100% transparency. Your smart home just got smarter. Go Griddy.

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