Start Tracking Your Electricity Usage

We have nothing to hide – that’s why we give you the tools to decide how you want to control your electricity usage.

Your Usage

On the Usage Page, you can:

  • Track how much electricity you’ve used for each month, day and hour so you are never surprised at the end of the month.
  • Find patterns for the best time to power up.

This information is for electricity only and does not include delivery costs.

Your Statement

On the Statement Page, you will can see a breakdown of charges and track how many recharges you’ve had each month.

The all-in rate includes usage, TDU delivery charges, taxes and fees, and your Griddy membership. It might look higher at the beginning of the month, but this price will drop as certain TDU delivery charges even out over the month.

Your Savings

After you’ve been with Griddy for two months, we will start tracking your savings by comparing your rate against the Texas Average.

You will see how much you have saved each month, as well as your total savings since joining Griddy.

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