The new Griddy experience – A guide to start your day

We have one mission: to change the way people think and interact with their energy. The first version of our app helped peel back the layers of the electricity market and make it more transparent and more data-driven. But from all the feedback from our members – and lasting through a couple of Texas’ summers – we’ve enhanced that experience to be something more insightful. 

We’d like to introduce...a guide to start your day. 

Now when you open the app, the first thing you’ll see is a nice summary of what’s in store for the day. It’s like a greeting from Griddy: We will tell you market conditions and if you should hold off on usage or go hog wild. We will also tell you:

  • If it’s peak vs off-peak time
  • Current electricity prices and forecasted prices for the rest of the day
  • Weather conditions: Weather correlates heavily to electricity prices so now you’ll be able to easily spot patterns. If it’s windy, prices should be low. If it’s extremely hot, prices might be higher.

There will also be fun, more colorful illustrations that correspond with weather conditions and time of day. Just because energy bills have never been considered delightful before, it doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. 

New platform for better reliability and stability 

We put a lot of work and manpower into making our app more reliable and stable. You will see less issues with data displaying for a flawless user experience. 

What’s Next?

This new app is just the start of what’s to come. We have hit our stride in developing and releasing new features our members want in order to take control of their energy usage. So as the summer approaches, be on the lookout for more, bigger, awesomer improvements.


iOS: Get the new app here!

Android: On it's way!

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