Unconventional ways to lower your electricity usage

You can save as much electricity as you want.

And in more ways than you think. By now, pretty much everyone knows that replacing your light bulbs and old appliances can save you drastic amounts of electricity every month. But if you want to lower your electricity usage even more, there are some unconventional ways to save. Here’s a small sample of the Griddy tips that we give our members whenever electricity is expensive (more about that later, too).

Small appliances and electronics matter.

The average home uses 24 electronic products, accounting for up to 15 percent of household electricity use. An extremely easy way to save on electricity is to unplug your electronics and small appliances when you’re not using them. If you want to be extra efficient, you can buy a power strip to serve as a central shut down point when you are finished using equipment. In fact, simply using an advanced power strip can save you up to $100 per year.Also remember that even when a device isn’t plugged in to a charger, the power adapter still sucks out electricity needlessly—so unplug all cords when you’re not using them. And lastly, don’t use screen savers. Screen savers actually won’t save energy, and often prevent your computer and monitor from going into the energy-saving sleep mode.

You can use all of your appliances more efficiently.

Even if you already have brand new, energy-efficient appliances, the way you’re using them can affect your energy consumption. Here are some easy ways to save even more:

  • Dry two or more loads in a row to take advantage of the heat from your dryer. Also make sure your loads are filled to capacity whenever you can.
  • Clean your dryer filter and exhaust vent regularly. When they become clogged with lint, your dryer works harder and uses more energy.
  • When possible, use your microwave instead of the oven. Microwaves are faster and use far less electricity.
  • Check your refrigerator door gaskets for air leaks by shutting a piece of paper in the door. If you can slide the paper out without resistance, your refrigerator may be leaking cold air.
  • Leave several inches of space behind and on the sides of your refrigerator so air can circulate around the unit.
  • Every three months, clean the condenser coils located underneath or in the back of your refrigerator or freezer.
  • Use pressure cookers or slow cookers whenever possible in place of simultaneous stovetop and oven activity.
  • Don’t line oven racks with foil. It blocks heat flow and makes the oven work harder to cook food.

You should know the best times to lower your electricity usage.

While most electric providers don’t give you this option, Griddy helps its members save even more money and electricity by giving them 24/7 access to real-time electricity prices. That way, you’ll know whether or not it’s worth it to go the extra mile in monitoring your electricity usage. For example, if you see in the Griddy app that prices are low (or free!), you’ll know that green energy is powering the grid, so you can do some of your more energy-sapping activities during that time. Alternatively, when you see that electricity is particularly expensive, you can be even more careful with your electricity use.Even without adjusting electricity usage based on price changes, Griddy members save up to 47% on electricity—simply by getting the real-time prices that electric providers pay. It’s a simple platform based on complete transparency between us and our members. Through our membership model, we can help our members save as much money and electricity as they care to. So when we say you can save as much electricity as you want, we really mean it. Go Griddy. It’s on.

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