Understanding who qualifies for the COVID-19 Electricity Relief Program

There have been a lot of changes to the COVID-19 Electricity Relief Program since it first launched. Below are the changes that have been made and what it means to members of the SOLIX program.

When the COVID-19 ERP launched, it promised that those who qualified for SOLIX – which were people who enrolled in the program and who couldn’t pay their electricity bill because of serious financial troubles caused by COVID-19 – would be in line to benefit from all aspects of COVID-19 ERP, such as:

  • Cannot be disconnected for non pay
  • Will receive electricity relief in the form of 1) TDU charge suppression and 2) an electricity credit

Originally, COVID-19 ERP had the retail electricity provider be the "qualifier" for the program – that if the REP passed information to the TDU, the TDU would treat that as gospel and assume the REP and the SOLIX program would do the proper qualification as needed.

Since then, the TDUs subsequently met with the PUCT and the outcome was a series of dramatic changes to the COVID-19 ERP. Now, being on SOLIX is no longer enough to receive all benefits of COVID-19 ERP; rather the TDUs will be the filters and will qualify consumers for entrance into the “electricity relief aspects” (TDU suppression and an electricity credit).  

The TDUs will do so through a series of newly installed rules that the REPs must comply with and must prove that the consumer has been through in order to qualify for the electricity relief aspects.

New qualifications for the electricity relief aspect now include that consumers are:

  • Residential
  • A current member
  • On the SOLIX list (You have to sign up here.)
  • Subject to a Disconnection for Non-Pay notice: At Griddy, we send out Disconnection for Non-Pay notices when your balance goes below $10.
  • Informed of the REPs deferred payment plan.

These changes mean fewer consumers will benefit from the electricity relief aspects of COVID-19 ERP as "qualifying" for it has become more strict.

Even though fewer consumers might not qualify for the electricity relief aspects, being on SOLIX does have other benefits: Namely that while on the list and the program is running, those members may not be disconnected for non-pay. Ultimately though, when the program is over (has an overall 6-month lifespan) all money which is due will need to be paid by the consumer to the REP. This is in contrast to the electricity relief aspects of the program, where the TDU suppression and electricity credit actually pays for much of the cost of electricity for the consumer.

If you have signed up for Solix, we are automatically enrolling any members who meets all the criteria for the COVID-19 ERP relief benefits. We are seeking to help as many members as we can. We will keep all of our members updated of any on-going changes to this program as we want to make sure those that qualify understand all of the benefits offered.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Member Experience Team: support@gogriddy.com

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