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When we launched Griddy more than two years ago, we wanted to bring more data directly to our customers. So we created an app, and mainly the Usage Page, to do just that. And from all the feedback and things we’ve learned over the years, we are pleased to announce a major update to the Usage Page!

Besides just a sleek new look, this update will give you better insights of trends week over week and highlight usage patterns so you know the better (cheaper) times to use energy. We also improved the consistency of data and provide you with your data all the way back to your start date – it is your usage after all.

Brand new way to interact with your data

One of the main things is you will get a quick snapshot of your usage for a given period of time – the endless scrolling is officially done and buried in the backyard.

You’ll be able to toggle between total kWh used, the average price for energy only, and the cost for energy only by tapping on the data point.  

You’ll also be able to see monthly, daily and hourly data. Click the Y to see an overview of the year broken down by month, the M to see an overview of the month broken down by day, and the D to see an overview of the day broken down by hour.

Also, if you click one of the bars or slide over them, you’ll be able to see the data for that specific day:

If you want to get even more granular, you can drill down to the hourly data by day:

  • Click the D in the left-hand corner
  • Click on the D in the black bar

Note: The reason we are concentrating so much on electricity-only prices (and not delivery charges) is because that is the only component we control. Every other charge is a proportional addition based on your usage.

Track Price Spikes

By hitting the Avg. Price box for individual days, you’ll be able to see when prices spiked. For each hour that prices are more than 6¢/kWh, the hour will turn red. You can then click on that hour to see how much you paid for the spike – even with the average price around 17.5¢/kWh, you still only paid $0.23!

Note: We are working on ways to include the 15-minute interval data into the app, so hold tight! It’s just a lot (a whole lot) of data to include.

Pending Usage

We post your usage as soon as we get it from your TDU. It can take up to two days to receive the usage and then another five days to finalize it. Since we bill in real-time, the TDU from time to time will come back to us with updated numbers once they double check things on their end. With all that said, you can now easily identify which days are pending and which are finalized.

This redesign is just one more step to bring more transparency to the industry – of giving you more insights with digestible data and letting you know what is really going on with your electricity.

Get this update from the app stores.

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