Use more green energy this fall

Top 4 green energy tips for fall

Any season is a good season to use more green energy. But if you’re looking to make some changes this fall, we have some suggestions. By making a few simple changes around your house, you can save both electricity and money. As the temperatures drop and the leaves begin to turn, you can use the break in summer heat to make some environmentally friendly updates to your home.

1. Stop wasting water this season

Leaking faucets might be annoying, but it’s just one little drip, right? Well, technically that’s true, but those drips add up over the days and weeks, and you before you know it you are wasting literally gallons and gallons of water every day. On average we already use 80-100 gallons of water every day. There’s no excuse to waste even more because of a leaky faucet, but by fixing it in fall you’ll be ready well before the springtime rains.Another item that’s smart to get before the rainy season is a rainwater barrel to collect water. These barrels have been popping up lately, specifically around neighborhoods in central Texas. They are helping owners conserve water and cut down on their bills. The water isn’t for drinking, but it can be used to water plants, to wash the car, or even for flushing the toilet.

2. Switch to LED or CFL

Updating your lighting is a great fall project since it’s not too hot or cold out, and the project will probably take all of one afternoon. You can do it on your team’s bye-week. And when you change the light bulbs to a Light Emitting Diode (LED) or Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) in and around your home, you can save big time. CFLs are basically mini fluorescents and can screw into standard light sockets, so these are good for inside. LEDs are small solid bulbs that are grouped into clusters. They are very efficient, and very durable, making them perfect for using outdoors. About 12% of your electric bill comes from your lights, so using a cheaper, easier way to brighten things up will cut down your bills and help you use more green energy.

3. Take an autumn inventory

Spring cleaning is a thing, so why not fall inventory? This fall, make a detailed list of your appliances. Has the dishwasher been there since you moved in? Do your appliances all have “Energy Saver” settings? Consider replacing appliances that have seen better days with something more energy efficient. You will be pleasantly surprised with how much better they work and you’ll save electricity as well. It might be a little bit of an investment up front, but your electric bill will thank you later.

4. Don’t fall for confusing pricing

With most utility companies, the amount of electricity you use costs the same no matter when you use it. Without seeing the real-time cost of the electricity you use, your bill can be unpredictable and hard to decipher. Griddy members get to save up to 47% on their electric bill. Just keep an eye on the real-time electricity costs and choose when and where to use your energy. This way, you pay what the electricity companies pay—as you should. When you become a Griddy member, you gain access to our unique platform, designed to make your life easier (and more green). Simply hop on our site or open up the app to see real-time rates and pricing updates.

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