Weekly Price Recap: 10/4 - 10/10

Griddy members had another week of savings last week, paying 10.6¢/kWh compared to theTexas average of 12.0c/kWh, which is 13% higher!

Members that used the majority of their usage outside of the 3-5 PM window saw very low rates, with rates between 1c/kWh to 2c/kWh mark!

There was more generation offline than normal, and ERCOT had several days with significant system load forecast errors. On the days when system load came in higher than expected, quick-responding expensive generation had to be relied upon to fill the forecast gap.

Looking forward, the market is not expecting the volatility to continue through the month.

Wind performed fairly well throughout the week as renewables averaged between 16%and 34% of the stack.

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