Weekly Price Recap: 5/5-5/11

Last week was another great week to be a Griddy member. Our members paid a nice, low 8.4₵/kWh while the average Texan paid 11.5₵/kWh – that’s 37% higher!!!

We only had 2 statewide price spikes this week, both on Tuesday. In the morning we had a spike because of a drop-off in wind generation and in the afternoon, there was "congestion" or constraints on the grid's high-voltage transmission lines. This prevented enough power from getting to the areas that needed it most and caused prices to spike momentarily. But in both cases, gas-fired generators ramped up quickly and the spike ended after 5 minutes. However, that congestion continued to cause problems for our friends in South Texas, leading to several more price spikes throughout the day. The Houston and Dallas areas were unaffected.

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