Weekly Price Recap: 8/09 – 8/15

Griddy members had another week of savings last week, paying 10.8¢/kWh vs. the Texas average of 12.0c/kWh, which is 11% higher!!!

There were 7 spikes across the state last week. These spikes came Wednesday afternoon and through the weekend. They were due to increased demand caused by the hot weather and subpar wind generation. There were two additional spikes in South Texas last week coming Monday afternoon, due to transmission congestion caused by a line outage.

To put this past weekend in perspective, for a residential member who uses let's say about 2,000 kWh a month and let's say used around 67 kWh Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (so didn't really alter their usage much) their Friday electricity spend during the high times would put their bill at about $10 on Friday, $15-20 on Saturday, and $5-10 on Sunday.

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