Weekly Recap: 11/17- 11/23

Griddy members had a good week last week paying 9.6¢/kWh vs. the Texas average of 11.6c/kWh, which is 20% higher!

We had 5 price spikes this week, one onSunday morning, three Friday night, and one early Saturday morning.  On Sunday eveningwind generation underperformed by about 1 GW & thermal generation was 3GWweaker than forecasted which led to a brief spike that only lasted 5 minutes.On Friday, warm temperatures sustained through the evening which led to demandoverperforming. This along with wind generation underperforming led to shortprice spikes late Friday and early Saturday morning. Our poor friends in WestTexas experienced 15 price spikes mostly due to congestion. But the rest of thestate had a nice cheap week. In fact, prices for the North and Houstonload zones went below zero 51 times!

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