Who's Scared of Our Billboards?

If you’d been driving on the freeways of Houston or Dallas last week, you may have noticed these fun (yet poignant) billboards.

They were only up for a few days before our outdoor advertising partner was pressured to take them down. Who pressured them? Well that’s a very good question. Who indeed?

Clearly, SOMEBODY out there didn’t see the humor and really didn’t like us pointing out the things Reliant and TXU do that are bad for their customers – like early termination fees.  

When we launched Griddy over two years ago, we had one goal in mind: to change the retail electric industry for the better. If you live inTexas, you know it’s an industry that is generally bad for consumers with things like deceptive rates, hidden charges and contracts that hold you hostage with big break fees. They say sunlight is the best disinfectant, so if we can call attention to things that betray consumers, well that’s the first step toward changing them. And while there are plenty of smaller companies with worse behavior, you can’t change an industry by picking on the little guys. We decided to take on the two biggest electric providers in Texas: TXU and Reliant. The idea being if we can get them to change their behavior, maybe the others will follow. We did it in a way that was fun, very public and most importantly, 100%honest.

To be clear, we don’t blame the sign company one bit for taking the billboards down. They have a business to run, and it’s not their job to change the electricity industry – it’s ours!

So, to our friends at Reliant and TXU, with all due respect, we will not be discouraged and we will not be deterred. We will keep shining alight on that which is awful and unacceptable for the consumer until this industry changes for the better. We hope you’ll join us in being a part of that change.

Thank you,

Greg Craig, Founder and CEO

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