Worst Plan of the Month: Amigo's PTC Plan 12

Hello and happy April! Our worst plan for this month comes from the not-so-friendly Amigo Energy. It’s a plan that is pretty straightforward – straightforwardly bad. They don’t trick you with tiered prices or rates that jump depending on your usage. Nope. This is a true, fixed-rate plan – a fixed-rate of 14.2c/kWh!

No matter if you use 507 kWh or 2200 kWh. You will still be paying 14.2c/kWh. That is 20% higher than the Texas Average and nearly 40% higher than Griddy wholesale!

But wait! If you look closer at the Terms of Service, you’ll notice they stuff it full of added fees. Need to call customer service to pay a bill? That’ll be $5. Insufficient funds? $25. Late fee? 5% of last month’s bill. They need to disconnect your meter? That’ll cost you $22. Reconnect your meter? $20.

Realize this plan is terrible and want to leave? That’s $175.

In comparison, Griddy offers the wholesale rate for just $9.99 a month. With no contracts or ridiculous termination fees. Isn’t it time to say adios to Amigo?

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