Worst Plan of the Month: Frontier's Straight Power 12 Plan

If you thought you’d get lucky with prices this month because of better weather, then you for sure want to avoid this plan from Frontier Utilities – Straight Power 12!

They advertise their 2000 kWh rate at 7.8c kWh, which looks pretty damn good. But then you see this tagline on their website: “Enjoy peace of mind with this flat fee plan for usage up to 2,000 kWh!”

And what exactly is this flat fee? If you look at the EFL you can see that, regardless of how much you use, you will have to pay at bare minimum a flat fee of $155 per month. So if you are a low user you will still be paying $155, giving you a high rate of 31c/kWh – which is 2.5x more than the wholesale rate that Frontier buys at.

But if you use more than 2000 kwh, you will still be paying $155 plus 16c for each additional kWh. So unless you use between the magical margins of 1800 kWh and 2200 kWh, you will be paying way more than you would with Griddy’s wholesale prices. Oh, and if you want to leave this bad plan before your 12 month contract is up, that’ll be $200, sir.

Well, we hope you found this helpful and gave you more insights into what to look for on EFLs when shopping for new electricity plans. Things should be straightforward, not convoluted like this plan. Which is why at Griddy, we only offer the wholesale price of electricity. It’s straight-to-the-point and about 250% cheaper than this bad plan.

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