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What's in the Griddy app?

Stay in the know with real-time prices

Check the price of electricity like you check the weather. We’ve consolidated all the information in one place so you’ll be well informed of changes in the wholesale electricity market. Check to see:

  • The current price of electricity
  • The projected price and conditions for the rest of the day
  • Weather conditions (and how they affect prices)
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How much did I use?

Usage information right from your smart meter

Want to know much you spent at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 7? Now you can. We connect to your smart meter which means we get up-to-date usage information (usually within hours). You’ll be able to see:

  • Usage by month, week, day and hour
  • Patterns for when you spend the most
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Can I automate this?

Connect your smart devices to real-time prices

Easily and automatically adjust your usage based on the price of electricity. If the price goes up, shut off your pool pump. If it drops, turn on your smart thermostat to cool your house down when prices are cheap.

Works with:

  • Ecobee
  • Honeywell
  • Smart Plugs
  • SMS

The possibilities are endless.

Robots might be taking over, but at least you’ll be saving.

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Will you let me know?

Real-time alerts for high and low prices

Prices spike only 0.6% of the time, but with our real-time alerts you will never be caught off guard. You’ll get price notifications when:

  • Prices go high, so you can adjust usage
  • Prices go low, so you can take advantage of cheap or free electricity
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Can Griddy save me money?

See how much Griddy can save you

Why should I switch to Griddy?

Here's what our members are saying

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Erik A.
5 star review

I work for one of Griddy's competitors and I love this app and their service. So simple, elegant, and easy.

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Theophilus T.
5 star review

I paid close to $100 to Acacia for three months. It's my second month with Griddy & I've not paid up to $40 per month. I really love this company. I even monitor the way we use electricity everyday. Thumbs up. 👍👊

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Brandon N.
5 star review

I use griddy at my business locations. My average cost for the year is much lower than previous (i'm averaging 7¢ at one location and 4¢ at another) and that is with being open during "peak" hours and having to heat and cool at those will end up saving a ton!

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Still need a reason to switch?

A few more reasons to go Griddy

Here are a few more reasons to go Griddy

No Contracts

You shouldn’t get locked into a long term contract to get the best rate.

No Markups

You pay exactly what we pay for electricity. All we add is awesome.

No Termination Fees

Stay with Griddy because you love us and the low rates.

No Credit Checks

Your credit is your business and we’d like to keep it that way.

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Griddy members have saved

Griddy members
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