What is wholesale?

What is wholesale electricity and how does Griddy work?

The grid is an interesting and magical thing. It takes energy from generators (a mix of natural gas, coal, wind, solar and nuclear energy) and moves it along the poles and wires (that are maintained by your TDU) to your home or business. And voila! You can power your lights.

The wholesale price of electricity is set by the grid operator, ERCOT, and can change every five minutes depending on supply and demand. When there is excess energy on the gird, prices drop and can even go negative, which means you are getting paid to use electricity (awesome!). And when demand is high like on hot summer days, prices can spike. The highest the price can go to is $9/kWh (which has only ever happened 0.005% of the time.) Most of the time, though, 96% to be exact, it stays below the Texas Average of 6¢/kWh.

It is this wholesale cost of electricity + TDU delivery charges + taxes and fees that we pass along to you without mark up for a monthly membership.

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How do I get billed?

Easy and automatic pay-as-you-go billing

No more paper bills. You’ll be able to view your billing statement any time in the app so you’ll never be shocked by an end-of-the-month bill again. Excellent!

  1. Add $49 to your account balance upon enrollment. This is your money that goes to your future electricity use.
  2. Your account balance will then be debited daily based on your usage.
  3. When your account balance reaches $25 (our balance minimum), you will be recharged the $49 to ensure continued, uninterrupted service.
  4. You can change your recharge amount to better reflect how much you would normally pay in a month.
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What can Griddy do for me?

Smart Home (of the Future) Automation

Easily and automatically adjust your usage based on the price of electricity. If the price goes up, shut off your pool pump. If it drops, turn on your smart thermostat to cool your house down when prices are cheap.

Works with:

  • Ecobee
  • Honeywell
  • Smart Plugs
  • SMS
  • The possibilities are endless

Robots might be taking over, but at least you’ll be saving.

How It Works
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Why do I pay a membership?

Transparent pricing

No markups, no markups, and oh yeah...no markups. You pay exactly what we pay – the wholesale rate. Those other guys mark up the price of energy and gouge you for every dollar they can take. They are in direct competition with you.

But us? We’re aligned with you. All we make is a flat $9.99 a month membership. So, we want you to save lots of money every month, because that means you’ll want to stay with us.

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How does Griddy work?

Making the switch is easy

  1. Become a member for $9.99 a month to get access to wholesale energy prices.
  2. Add funds to your account balance upon enrollment.
  3. If you are switching, we’ll contact your current provider so you have uninterrupted service.
  4. Download the app and see how fun tracking electricity prices can actually be.
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How does Griddy work?

Get access to wholesale electricity prices

Can Griddy save me money?

See how much Griddy can save you

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Griddy Average Awesome


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How does the app work?

Take the Griddy app for a test drive

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Why should I switch to Griddy?

Here's what our members are saying

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I love your model of business, transparency and consistency. When shopping other providers, I got pretty frustrated at their rates, customer service, and contract stipulations. Keep it up, and thank you for changing the game.

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Erik A.

I work for one of Griddy's competitors and I love this app and their service. So simple, elegant, and easy.

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Brian M.

I track my power usage and payments compulsively, and there's nothing cheaper, more transparent, or easier to use out there than Griddy. I'm still actively shopping for cheaper plans, and they simply don't exist. You're making your competition look foolish at tbest and intentionally disnhonest at worst. Keep up the awesome work.

Griddy members have saved

Griddy members
have saved

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Still need a reason to switch?

Here are a few more reasons to go Griddy

No Contracts

You shouldn’t get locked into a long term contract to get the best rate.

No Markups

You pay exactly what we pay for electricity. All we add is awesome.

No Termination Fees

Stay with Griddy because you love us and the low rates.

No Credit Checks

Your credit is your business and we’d like to keep it that way.

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