Prepaid Disclosure Statement

Understanding Pay-as-you-go Services

Griddy’s pay-as-you-go service requires that you prepay for your electricity before you use it. To enroll, you must establish a Connection Balance, which is then automatically debited on a daily basis for the electricity consumed. You will never receive or have to worry about a monthly bill.

The continuation of electric service depends on you prepaying for your service on a timely basis and if your current balance falls below the Disconnection Balance, your service may be disconnected with little notice.


By state law, pay-as-you-go services are not available to customers who are officially designated as a Critical Care or Chronic Condition Residential Customer. See Terms of Service for details.

Connection Balance

How much money must I initially fund my account?

Your account must be funded with a Connection Balance of $49.

If your Local Utility charges one or more service activation fees, your account will immediately be debited for these fees. Like all Local Utility charges, these fees are passed through at no additional cost.

Making a Payment

How does my account recharge?

We accept: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover. We do pass through the applicable merchant service (payment processing) fee that applies to each credit or debit card transaction. It is not more than 2.5% + 25¢ per payment.

When your Account Balance reaches $25 or less, we will automatically charge your card on file the Recharge Amount. For Example: If you set your Recharge Amount to $75, once the Account Balance reaches $25, your card will be charged $75, leaving your Account Balance at $100.

You can manage your payments 24/7 through the app. Because all household and business usage patterns are different, you can adjust your Recharge Amount to a maximum of $500 in the app. For commercial members who need a higher Recharge Amount, please contact us by phone, email, or chat. We recommend you set your Recharge Amount to your typical monthly spend.

Additional Non-Recurring Fees

What other fees may I be charged?

Griddy has the following non-recurring fees:

  • None. Zip. Unlike other electric providers we DO NOT charge you additional fees for things like service activation, minimum usage, talking with us, etc.

We will pass through non-recurring charges from your Local Utility. These charges will be deducted from your account.


Will Griddy contact me for important notices?

Yes. We may contact you with important information about your Griddy service including payment confirmation, impending Recharges, payment failures and potential and imminent disconnection. We may utilize the most effective communications available to keep our members well informed including email, in-app push notifications, mobile SMS and plain old telephone calls.


How can I avoid having my electricity disconnected?

It is important to maintain an Account Balance at or above the Disconnection Balance of $10 or your service may be disconnected. Griddy will notify you 1-7 days before your Account Balance is expected to fall below the Disconnection Balance.

Depending on the amount of electricity consumed, an Account Balance may fall below $10 more quickly than expected, resulting in disconnection in as little as 1 day after you receive the disconnection notification.

Before your Account Balance falls below $10, we have provisions in place to notify you immediately when your Recharge Amount payment fails.


How do I reactivate my service after forced disconnection for non-payment?

To reconnect your service after disconnection, we simply require that you pay any amount owed and reestablish a Connection Balance. You’ll then have to contact Griddy to process a reconnection.

If your Local Utility charges one or more reconnection fees, they will be deducted from your account. Like all Local Utility charges, we pass these through to you at no additional cost.

Deferred Payment

When is a deferred payment plan available?

Deferred payment plans are available upon request in the following situations:

  • if your account reaches a negative balance of $50 or more during an extreme weather event;
  • if a state of disaster has been declared in your area by the Governor of Texas and the Public Utility Commission requires that deferred payment plans be offered;
  • if your account reaches negative $50 due to Griddy under charging you.

If you enter into a deferred payment plan, Griddy reserves the right to apply a switch-hold until your deferred payment plan is paid in full. A switch-hold means you will not be able to buy electricity from another REP while you are still in a payment plan with us.

Contact Information

Griddy Customer Service Representatives are available to help you Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CT.

Griddy Energy LLC (800) 993-6207
REP Certificate No: 10243 Fax: (800) 993-6207
11811 North Freeway, #546
Houston, Texas 77060

April 22, 2020

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