What is the average rate?

What are the details?

Texas Pricing Details for Griddy Wholesale

Griddy only has one plan: wholesale. This means we pass through the:

  • Wholesale cost of electricity
  • TDU delivery charges
  • Taxes and fees

All for our monthly membership of $9.99.

*The wholesale price of electricity changes every five minutes and is billed every 15 minutes. This price is set by the grid operators, ERCOT, and is passed through to you without any markup. The price can go negative (which means you are getting paid to use energy) or as high as the market cap of $9/kWh. It has only ever gone that high 0.05% of the time. Most of the time though, 96% to be exact, it is below 6¢/kWh.

Griddy's Solar Program

Lower your bill by getting credits for any excess generation from your solar panels. We credit the full amount for all solar generation up to their usage in each 15-minute interval. Any excess solar generation above their usage in that 15-minute interval gets credited for energy-only. You can read more here.